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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling enables the reliable execution of projects with a higher level of transparency regarding deadlines, costs, quality and information. This digital project management methodology denotes the further development in the construction industry and has also constantly gained importance in public building projects since the announcement of the results of the Construction Reform Commission.

The target: an integrated, collaborative approach throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project.

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Successful BIM project planning with THOST

„Activate the added value and benefits of BIM for constructors, investors and operators and guarantee continuous project progress“

We are facing these challenges together with our customers and have been developing customer specific BIM strategies and concepts for some years, implementing these in our project management and using the strategic and project-assisting control of BIM methodology in BIM projects.

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BIM strategic consulting and concept creation

Today, builders, investors and operators are faced with the urgent challenge of activating the added value and benefits of digital project management methodology for their own purposes. On the basis of customer-specific BIM strategies, we create the fundamentals (including client information requirements or implementation timetables) for successful BIM project planning.

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Project Management in BIM projects

The cross-project and contractually agreed use of the BIM methodology has an impact on the structural and procedural organisation of projects. As a result, we have integrated the new tasks and requirements into our project management and taken BIM-specific issues into account in the scope of services of our existing core competencies.

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BIM Management / Information management

Here we mean the strategic and project-related control of the BIM methodology based on agreed goals and applications. Therefore we assume a pivotal role in the planning as a representative of the client / investor and focus at all times on the information supply chain in the BIM project.Grafik Informationsmanagement eng

Our guiding principles in BIM projects

Our guiding principles in BIM projects

We understand BIM as an integral process whose principles form the basis of our actions in BIM projects.

  • BIM is collaboration and information management
  • Consideration of the current BIM level of maturity and cost-benefit ratio for our customers
  • The end in sight – lifecycle-oriented strategies
  • Build virtually first, then in reality

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