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Railways form an essential part of future mobility

Intelligently connected transportation systems and electro mobility are the topics of the future in this sector. New cross-sector alliances are determining future solutions. And we are there to help set up projects properly for this future. With more than 25 years' experience in the management of rail projects, we are in control of the whole project: from planning and approval via PR, from construction and operating status, environmental and operating conditions, controlling, technology up to risk management. You can rely on our project experience, nationally and internationally.

Sector expertise


We have in-depth sector knowledge – with our broad service portfolio we will support your individual project with a high level of technical skill and consultancy expertise as well as offer a variety of expert services to complement our standard project management services.

Sector expertise

Selected references

provide exemplary insights into the diversity of projects as parts of a broad spectrum of experience. Further references on request under info@thost.de.

Stuttgart tramlines S1 & S4

Upgrading of the Stuttgart tramlines S1 (extension from Wendlingen to Kirchheim) and S4 (2 track upgrade Freiberg – Benningen) involving conservation of evidence, earthwork, track systems, underground engineering, bridges, gabion walls, culverts, overhead cables,  LST, railway crossings, noise insulation, energy supply, 50 Hz system.

Aalen-Ulm route

Upgrading of the control and safety technology on the Aalen – Ulm route to computer-based interlocking during standard operating conditions, upgrading of the route for NeiTech operation, renewal /  modification of 45 level crossings, removal of 1 level crossing and replacement by a bridge, construction and conversion of 11 stations (passenger traffic systems,  partly wheelchair accessible with lifts) during operational use.

Stuttgart 21

Conversion of Stuttgart main station from above ground, 17 platform terminus station into an underground 8 platform through station (rotated 90°), 2-platform tram station remains, two new 2-track connections to the Filder plateau (airport, trade fair centre) and to Ober/Untertürkheim, dismantling of the 1-track Gäubahn to Stuttgart-Rohr, new route construction to the airport with new airport station (intercity + regional trains), a new sidings in Untertürkheim, a new tram station, Mittnachtstraße, 57km new track, 9 tunnels 30 km long and 55km total tunnel length, Relocation Staatsgalerie underground station.

Docklands Light Railway London

Increasing the capacity on all routes of the Docklands light railway in East London (E14), construction of a railway bridge and a tunnel, extension of (raised) platform for longer train lengths, track plan adjustments, construction of a station, complete renovation of an existing terminal station, during operational use.

Copenhagen Tram

Modernisation off the complete signal technology of the Copenhagen tram network. Successive modernisation of the 135 trains currently in operation, of the maintenance vehicles and the routes of the 6 Copenhagen lines.

Helsinki Metro

The Helsinki Metro was equipped with fully automatic control system. The Upgrade of the control system included conversion to driverless operation. 

Riad Metro Saudi Arabia

Construction of two track of the Metro in Riad.


Wendlingen - Ulm

60km route construction between Wendlingen and Ulm main railway station, 9 tunnels with 30km length and 40 railway bridges overpasses (Stuttgart21: Construction of route to airport with new airport station (regional+intercity))

Gotthard Base tunnel

The Gotthard Base tunnel (GBT) is the longest railway tunnel in the world at 57km and is the centre piece of the new transalpine transit project.

HSL Zuid Netherlands

Highspeed link between Amsterdam and the Belgian border via Rotterdam. Equipping of the route with control and safety technology and radio block centre (RBC) for operation with ETCS level 2.

Beijing - Tianjin China

Upgrading and commissioning of a 117km long pilot line for highspeed rail. Technical requirements: fuse technology based on a SIMIS W country adjustment and ETCS level 1.

Cologne - Rhein-Main

Equipment upgrade along the Cologne – Rhine/Main highspeed route with overhead cable systems, switch posts / substations, 110 KV system, telecommunications systems, control and safety technology,    electrotechnical facilities.

Nuremberg - Ingolstadt

Equipment upgrade along the Nuremberg – Ingolstadt highspeed link with overhead cable systems, substations, telecommunications systems, control and safety technology,    electrotechnical facilities. 


Electronic signal boxes Cologne Central Station

Cologne Central Station (Hbf) is one of the most frequented railway stations in Germany and is an important hub in regional, national and European rail traffic. The existing old interlocking technology no longer meets modern technical and operational requirements. Important infrastructure measures are necessary for the future viability of the traffic station. These include the construction of the control centre in Cologne and the new construction of an electronic interlocking (ESTW) in the area of Cologne Central Station, which will be put into operation in two stages.

Electronic signal boxes Karlsruhe & Freiburg

Preparation of the Rhine Valley railway for ETCS in Karlsruhe – Freiburg section.

Swiss railway ETCS Level 1

Conversion of the approx. 3,000km Swiss Railways (SBB) network to the European train control system ETCS level 1. The project involved adaptation work on the existing 430 signal boxes of various design and installation of the related hardware.  

Cross Rail Tunnel London

Automation of the signal technology and the train control system for the 21km long Cross Rail tunnel in London.

ETCS Equipment Line upgrade Belgium

Planning, delivery and commissioning of electronic signal box technology ETCS level 2 for 1400km of the Belgian rail network.

Nuremberg - Ingolstadt - Munich

Equipment of the NBS/ABS Nuremberg - Ingolstadt - Munich with ETCS technology, equipment of the POS (Paris - East France - South West Germany) North with ETCS technology as well as adaptation of existing interlockings to ETCS technology.


Approval of railway vehicles BR430

Homologation for railway vehicle project.

Alstom Coradia Nordic Fleet

Planning, construction and commissioning of the locomotive fleet of Alstom Coradia Nordic for the Swedish national railway.

Highspeed train Velaro

The invented word Velaro   means the production and homologation of highspeed trains. Velaro for Russia, a family of high speed trains, produced by Siemens Rail Systems. The locomotives display the further development  of the ICE 3 respectively adapted to the needs of diverse railway companies developments.    

TRAXX Mehrsystemlokomotiven

Manufacture and homologation of multisystem locomotives The basis of the TRAXX-family platform.

Maintenance vehicle Gotthard Base Tunnel

Development and production of a special train for the maintenance of the Gotthard Tunnel with disconnectable, locomotive assembly vehicle.


Alstom Cordia Nordic

Alstom Scheduling Coradia Nordic

The Alstom Coradia Nordic multiple units belong to the vehicle family of modular low-floor multiple units. The multiple units are of lightweight design and can be equipped with electric, diesel-electric or hybrid drive.



Overall project schedule with the following focal points:

  • Structure and preparation of the overall schedule
  • Integration of all inputs (customers, specialist departments, international suppliers)
  • Progress measurement and target/actual comparison, evaluations
  • Identification of risks at project/ subsystem level
  • Development of countermeasures
  • Reporting on dates and progress
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