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Project contracts

are created under intense competition, characterized by complexity, deadline pressure, increasing risks with numerous stakeholders, and internationally with country-specific cultural characteristics. Added to this are dynamic change processes. In this tense area, there is little room for manoeuvre in the acceptance of contractual deviations from deadlines and costs: the success of the project is endangered.

Contract & Claims Management

The general conditions under which project contracts are created are challenging: the pressure of competition and deadlines is high, the contracts are complex and sometimes contain country-specific features and a large number of parties must be involved. In addition, there are dynamic change processes. In this area of tension, there is hardly any room for contractual deviations that are relevant to deadlines or costs. Otherwise, the success of the project is at risk.

Professional contract and claims management ensures the necessary contractual security with clear agreements on services as well as limitations.

Coordinated strategies for contractually compliant project implementation guarantee the interests of our clients from the conclusion of the contract through the entire contractual period.

We act systematically and strategically, not only recognizing contractual differences but also opportunities and risk. This gives us room to work, ensures the manageability of processes and guarantees sustainable success

Our offer:

Contract Guidelines

In our so-called Contract Guidelines all the essential contractual content is understandably and concisely summarized. The exact knowledge of performance targets and contractual deadlines, the obligations and rights, processes and procedures, as well as the knowledge of opportunities and risks enable strategic and goal oriented action.

Change & Claims Management

Change & Claims Management identifies situations and events which deviate from the contract, clarifies responsibility and basis of claims, ensures compliance with formal requirements, evaluates, participates in negotiations and documents throughout the project or in individual cases. Our proactive Change & Claims Management enables negotiable positions for the defence or enforcement of claims.  It allows for early, preventative correction, helps to avoid conflict and therefore contributes to the profitability of projects.

Risk Management

Risk Management prevents conflict. Our consultants recognise opportunities and risks in good time and point out room for manoeuvre and the necessary steps as required. This allows companies to identify and avoid risks. The thorough implementation of risk management and regular monitoring enables a culture of transparency and security.