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Deposits determine project location

What do gold, palm oil and ethanol have in common? They are good examples of the group which includes raw materials, oil and gas. If companies want to extract valuable natural resources, they face different and diverse challenges depending on the deposit – these can be exacting climatic conditions, political risks, particular security requirements or the use of expensive heavy-duty equipment. As a result of the diverse risks, clients require comprehensive and on-site project management for the locations where they wish to source raw materials in the future. In this way our on-site specialists can ensure the sustainable success of such a project.

Sector expertise

Raw Materials, Oil & Gas

We have in-depth sector knowledge – with our broad service portfolio we will support your individual project with a high level of technical skill and consultancy expertise as well as offer a variety of expert services to complement our standard project management services.

Sector expertise

Selected references

provide exemplary insights into the diversity of projects as parts of a broad spectrum of experience. Further references on request under info@thost.de.

Modernisation of incinerator

CURRENTA, manager and operator of CHEMPARKs at the Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen sites, disposes of hazardous waste from the chemical industry at all 3 sites.  Due to higher customer demand, a capacitive expansion and modernization of the incinerator at the Uerdingen site was planned.

Waste incinerator Roosendaal Niederlande

Construction of an energy from waste facility with a capacity of 290,000 t / year household and commercial waste in Roosendaal. The generates  30MW of electrical power, enough to supply 70,000 homes in and around Roosendaal.

Waste incinerator Newhaven Great Britain

Construction of an waste heating power plant in Newhaven in South East England. Processing 210,000 tonnes of household waste generates electricity for about 16,000 homes. 

Recycling facility Hong Kong

Construction of a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling plant (WEEE) with an output of 30,000 tonnes per year. The plant was built at the Tuen Mun Ecopark with a $71 million investment.


Pumping station Shuweihat UAE

The expansion of the Shuweihat pumping station in the UAE to two pumps guarantees the Abu Dhabi emirates an additional supply of 240 million m3 of desalinated sea water. 

Nord Stream Baltic pipeline Vyborg / Russia - Greifswald / Germany

Construction of a 1,200km long Baltic gas pipeline from Vyborg in Russia to Greifswald in Germany and equipping it with management and control technology.

Marl-Gelsenkirchen pipeline

To expand capacity and sustainably ensure raw material supply a long distance pipeline between the sites of the Marl chemical industry park and the Ruhr Oel GmbH in Gelsenkirchen-Scholven was built. A pipeline system was constructed consisting of two parallel pipelines (2 x DN 150, PN 10ß) for the transportation of FCC C4 and isobutane mixture.

Ethylene pipeline south Münchsmünster - Ludwigshafen

With the construction of the ethylene pipeline south the insularity of the Bavarian Chemical Triangle is finished: with the approx. 370km long pipeline from Bavarian Münschmünster near Ingolstadt via Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg to Ludwigshafen in Rhineland Palatinate it is now possible to provide or transport the valuable raw material Ethylene as required to Bavaria.

The underground pipeline runs 103km from Münschmünster through Bavaria and 197km through Baden-Württemberg before after a further 70km in the Rhineland Palatinate it arrives in Ludwigshafen.


Project coordination Subsea Projects

For oil extraction off shore / at sea special components are being planned and manufactured. These are functionally tested under strict conditions and then installed and put into operation using specialist tools and underwater robots.