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Successful Turnaround

Industrial plant projects are characterised by their production processes. High complexity, state of the art technologies, efficient functions, availability, ecology, economy, commissioning and maintenance need professional systems and methods.
For years, key accounts have been relying on our professional experience in managing turnaround/shutdown projects of the chemical industry.

  • Organisation: Shutdown organisation & Management systems, Scope definition, Change management, Reporting
  • Deadlines: Scheduling and schedule control, Engineering & procurement, Resource planning
  • Cost: Budget baselines, Cost control, Procurement, Invoice approvals
  • Contract & Claims Management

Clear targets and professional monitoring and control from planning to commissioning are fundamental elements of a perfect project management.

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Reduced turnarounds / shutdowns by dedicated control of risks in all phases

1. Initiating, Planning

Risks / adverse effects


Mitigation measure / recommendation

Increased information requirements and possible loss of information    
  • Numerous stakeholders
  • Unknown processes
Quality, deadlines and cost
  • Implementation of reporting system
  • Implementation of baselines and schedules
  • Implementation of coordination meetings
  • List of open points (LOP)

Projektsteuerer / Terminsteuerer  

Undefined methods, processes,
delayed decisions
  • Newly created project teams
  • Less experience regarding interfaces to 3rd parties
Quality, deadlines and cost
  • Implementation of a clearly structured shutdown organisation
  • Preparation of project organisation manual

Project control

Delayed attendance to interfaces    
  • Countless subcontractors and disciplines
  • Short turnaround / shutdown durations
Quality, deadlines and cost
  • Scheduling and schedule control
  • Define interface matrix and procedures,
  • interface management & coordination

Project control

Insufficient planning    
  • Changes and additional works
  • Uncontrolled cost deviations and undesirable developments
Deadlines and cost
  • Implementation of change management system
  • Define and control procedures
  • Cost control

Project control, Contract & Claims Manager

2. Stillstand, Shutdown
Risks / adverse effects  

Mitigation measure / recommendation

Frequent scope changes    
  • Late scope definition
  • Cascading changes due to late decisions
Quality, project deadlines and cost
  • Definition of scope
  • Define change processes
  • Implementation of baselines and schedules
  • Pro-active monitoring and control

Project control / Schedule control

Delayed commissioning    
  • Inadequate documentation
  • Inattentive documentation efforts by technically focused team members
Project deadlines and cost
  • Monitoring and control for document preparation processes
  • Implement and support approval process

Project control

3. Nachbereitung

Risks / adverse effects


Mitigation measure / recommendation

Loss of experience    
  • Demobilization of specific turnaround / shutdown teams
  • Long duration until next turnaround / shutdownd
Quality --> formal turnaround / shutdown closure
  • Implement and support documentation portal
  • Facilitate As-Built documentation
  • Implementation of QA/QC systems
  • Lessons learned