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Lean Management in Building Projects

With the help of Lean Management in construction, a cooperative project handling with stable processes is created early in the project. Through continuous and improved communication between project participants, interfaces are clarified at an early stage, problems are identified earlier and decisions are made quickly. As a result, a smooth workflow is created with higher efficiency compared to conventional project handling and the adherence to cost and schedule limits is positively influenced.

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Lean Management in Building Projects

Lean Management in Building Projects (LMB) is derived from the classic "lean methodology" of the automotive industry. Lean management in construction ensures the smoothest possible process from planning and execution to completion of the project. Various tools are used to eliminate waste in the project and stabilize processes.

The basic ideas here are:

  • Holistic view of the project
  • Cooperation instead of confrontation
  • Generation of a continuous flow
  • Reducing fluctuations
  • Joint synchronisation of work
  • Knowledge transfer from execution to planning
  • Minimize waste
Scope of Services

Successful implementation of the Lean Method with THOST

Within the framework of a simulation workshop, we offer the opportunity to introduce the project participants to the methodology of LMB.

After the project participants have got to know and analysed the basic ideas and the added value of the lean method through the simulation workshop, a project-related implementation of this method follows together with all project participants.



  • Introduction of project participants to the LMB method within the framework of a simulation workshop
  • Practical implementation of the Lean Methodology based on simulations at a Lego house


  • Introduction of project participants to the topic of Lean Management in the construction industry
  • Joint development of the Lean Thought
  • Experiencing the benefits for the construction site together through Lean Management
Process Planning


  • Process planning with client and planning team
  • Monthly / Weekly execution


  • Joint development of processes
  • Joint testing of activities for interfaces, disabilities and dependencies on inputs
  • Scheduling of milestones
  • Regular setpoint/actual comparison
Consulting services


  • Advice on the selection of lean methods
  • Advice on drafting contracts
  • Advice on tender texts


  • Presentation of Lean Methods
  • Clarification of customer expectations
  • Definition of methods and work packages
  • Support in decision making
Usage of Lean Management

Use of the Lean Method

In general, early involvement of LMB is an advantage, but it is possible to use this method at any time in a project in order to control deadlocked situations or time-critical construction phases in a target-oriented and supportive way.

The decision to use LMB in projects requires a high readiness for transparency and open communication from all participants. In addition, suitable contractual regulations must be created in order to make the implementation binding for all project participants.

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