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Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

In recent years, the German real estate market has been increasingly dominated by investments in existing real estate. In times of increased demand and a scarce supply of attractive properties, as well as rapidly growing changes and constantly increasing technical requirements, real estate consulting expertise is becoming increasingly important.

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The analysis tool "Technical Due Diligence" at THOST helps you to obtain a comprehensive objective impression of your property. We support you in making the right economic strategic decisions for investments in existing buildings, demolition/new construction, new purchases or sales.

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Competence fields
Technical Due Diligence

In the real estate industry, a TDD is understood as a systematic and well-founded valuation of existing real estate. It includes the collection, evaluation and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information on real estate. With the help of this information it is possible to obtain a comprehensive and objective impression of the property with regard to the property, structural conditions, quality of technical facilities, type of management, new potential uses and possible risks.


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Strategy consulting

TDD as careful, systematic and detailed collection, examination and analysis of data from existing real estate projects with the aim of bringing about sound investment decisions.

The interaction of transparent condition analyses and short-, medium- or long-term recommendations for action offers you the opportunity to extend the life cycle of your real estate in the long term.

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TDD prepares investment decisions in portfolio real estate in a qualified manner. In addition to providing comprehensive impressions of the property, this includes identifying possible risks and objectively assessing legal and technical dependencies. The result is a transparent and reliable assessment of the condition of all relevant trades:

  • Professional advice in all phases of the real estate life cycle
  • Transparent status determination
  • Identification and minimization of risks
  • Compilation of all decision-relevant information
  • Well-founded decision-making aids
  • Sustainable recommendations for action


Well-founded inventory analyses

Investors and users are usually in possession of different data of their building stock. These are often characterised by information gaps that need to be closed in advance of possible investment decisions. With the help of the three action steps

  • Information Procurement
  • Information Analysis
  • Information Evaluation

potential risks are identified, technical and structural dependencies are presented and objectively assessed. The result is a transparent and resilient condition assessment which summarises all surveys and findings carried out within the framework of the TDD in a detailed building profile.

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Reliable basis for decisions

The life cycle of real estate and the economic use of individual parts of buildings is of finite duration. At some point, every real estate owner is faced with a decision on issues such as spatial and organisational conversion, refurbishment, revitalisation or demolition and new construction.

As an experienced and competent partner, we help you to make strategic and sustainable investment decisions. We see ourselves as a competent service provider who reliably and professionally identifies, analyses, prioritises and accompanies complex issues through to their implementation. We secure the interests of the client with the greatest transparency and lead your real estate projects to a successful conclusion.

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