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How to make projects abroad successful?


During current economic peak times in Netherlands, you may ask why it is necessary to think about projects abroad – because you may even not be able to satisfy all enquiries within the Netherlands. But just in this moment when you also have the financial resources to invest in your future, it is recommendable to actively seek project opportunities abroad and to prepare for times when you need international projects profit to make up for national economic downturn and to keep your company stable.

During this Round Table conference, Mr. William Wijnker, Dudescon BV, and Mr. Daniel Kiefer, THOST Projektmanagement GmbH will be pleased to share their experience with you in this respect.

Certainly, international business has also other than national risks as there are topics and international practices which you are not aware of or are not fully predictable. On the other hand, there are higher profit opportunities in international business. THOST Projektmanagement help their clients for more than 30 years to create risk-transparency while developing measures to mitigate these risk for example in the following areas:

  • Offer preparation and price calculation risk – how to prepare quotations in professional and systematic manner
  • Scheduling and controls – how to be prepared for clients‘ changing requirements and to show related time impact
  • Contract & Claims Management –how to create a proper contractual basis, manage changes and reach agreements which allow reaching profitability
  • Risk Management – how to detect possible risks and how risk management enables for the implementation of effective measures of risk mitigation

During this Round Table conference, we will share with you hands-on experience and professional international project management principles through presentations and discussions. Moreover, we will show how projects and business abroad can be made successful.


How to make projects abroad successful?
16:00 Uhr
Welcoming remarks
16:15 Uhr

Why projects abroad?

  • Reasons for seeking growth opportunities abroad
  • Lessons Learned Workshop: stories of successes and failures
  • What to consider when doing business abroad
  • 17:00 Uhr
    Discussion & coffee break
    17:15 Uhr

    Success basics for projects abroad

  • Professional project initialization, planning + organization
  • Contract & Claims Management
  • Risk minimization + Risk Management principles
  • 18:00 Uhr
    18:30 Uhr
    Snacks and get-together
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    Wednesday, September 4, 2019
    4 to 7 p.m. incl. get-together


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